Lawn Mower Used in Funeral Scene

Beautiful LawnWhen Daniel’s Father died and he had to organize the funeral he wanted to make sure the setting was pristine as his Father would have wanted that.

The steps he took to find the venue to hold the funeral were quite unique and he ended up picking the one with the nicest mowed lawn. His Father worked in landscaping and even created a lawn mower reviews catalog so he knew that the venue had to have a lush green lawn.

The decided upon venue happened to be a resort maintained by a landscaping company of the utmost quality.

Days before the service Daniel visited the resort to ensure everything was setup and to ensure the event would go off without a hitch. Of course, if you’ve seen the movie you know what happens. Needless to say the event is eventful, things happen and it makes for a great movie.

In real life if you are looking to plan a funeral or pre funeral service/event make sure to think more about who you are inviting than where the event will be held. A nice lawn is great but if the people all fight then the thing will be a disaster.

Dean Craig