Pressure Cleaner Pro – Brother of Film Star

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

On set, the concrete of the funeral scene was pressure cleaned by a brother of a starring actor in the film with an electric AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure cleaner. The pressure washer reviews and steps he used to choose the pressure washer to use and the accessories to use are as follows:

  1. Identify the surface to be cleaned and assess the dirtiness level. The pro who cleaned the concrete in the funeral scene identified that it was not very dirty. It only had minor dirt and grime with little grease and caked on mud or gum. Therefore he decided that a surface cleaner and electric pressure cleaner would do the job.
  2. Deciding on the nozzle or accessory to use. A professional quickly needs to identify whether to use a speciality attachment or which degree nozzle to use. In the case of a flat surface like a concrete patio a surface cleaner is a great accessory to use. It makes the job much quicker and easier. Karcher makes great accessories and so does AR for electric washers each with great small engines. The choice of nozzle would be for the job as well. A 0 degree nozzle would be used to spot clean very caked on dirty surfaces. A 40 degree nozzle to clean a car.
  3. Using detergent? Most pros decide to use detergent because it makes cleaning the surface much easier. Deciding on the detergent to use is tricky. Most pros will have a preference but for most weekend jobs you can just use an all-in-one detergent based on the surface you’re cleaning. There will usually be a special one for concrete, for wood and for your car.
  4. Cleaning. When cleaning the surface be sure to clean in a safe manner. Be sure to wear correct protective clothing. Be sure not to spray people walking by.

Did you have a famous actor brother? Well, if you do then maybe you can score a job on his next set. If you’re a pressure cleaner then maybe they’ll hire you to clean the set… You never know.


Dean Craig